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The following content is a Work In Progress and may contain broken links, incomplete directions or other errors. Once the initial work is complete this notice will be removed. Please contact me via Twitter with any questions and I'll try to help you out.

Misc books/resources I'm using to learn Nagios.

Learning Nagios 3.0

Learning Nagios 3.0 is the first (and hopefully last) book I'm reading to learn about Nagios. It's about four years out of date, but I'm hoping it is not so old that I won't be able to work out the differences between v3.0 and the v3.2 that I'll be working with (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS).


Errata that I found there (their errata page is pretty ugly at the moment due to spurious &, lt; and other misc markup markers all over the place):

page 0

Technical, 28 Jul 09

All of the configuration file examples are laid out like: define timeperiod { ... However that will fail.

Nagios (at least as of 3.0.6) requires that the "{" be on the same line, thus: define timeperiod { will work. This applies so far to every single example, both in the book and in the zip download of the code. Nagios will not successfully verify the files without fixing each instance.


page 29

Typo, 16 Apr 09

In the table, a few words are missing in the "Description" column for options 'resource_file' and 'lock_file': The complete description is:

  • resource_file: Specifies the file that stores additional macro definitions
  • lock_file: Specifies the path to the file that is used for synchronization

page 42

Typo, 06 Nov 08

There is a typo in the first line of the third paragraph. 'SSH' has been misspelled as 'SSSH'

page 48

Code, 28 Jul 09

In the "define contact" example, the last two lines should have notify-host-by-email in place of host-notify-by-email, and also notify-service-by-email in place of notify-by-email.

page 53

Code, 28 Jul 09

In example mid-page, second block: define host { ... name linuxbox01 That should be host_name linuxbox01

page 54

Code, 28 Jul 09

Top of page, define service { host_name Should be just name, not host_name.

page 286

Typo, 31 Jul 09

The last sentence of the second paragraph in the Your Own Notifications section reads "The of the email will be kept in separate files." The missing word between "The" and "of" is "content". It should read "The content of the email will be kept in separate files."