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Distribution Independent

//Tip/Tricks/Guides that work for any distribution (or at least should).//


Output Redirection

 * Save both standard output and error message: >&
 * Save standard output only: > or 1>
 * Save error messages only: 2>

These can be combined, like so:

 gcc test.c 2> error.msg > /dev/null

This saves error messages but tosses standard output

Background and Foreground processes

Putting a command into the background

Example: yum -y update & Output: [1] 21457

This only works when the user is logged on.

Bringing a command into the foreground

Use fg.

Example: fg %1 or fg 21457

Misc: kill %1 nukes it.


Converting video file to sequence of still images

 ffmpeg -i video_file directory/filename.%04d.png