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These are my notes from Mastering Microsoft Virtualization. Without the book, many entries here will probably be incomplete on their own.

Pg 260

  • Reverting user's app state to the default

Pg 261

  • Looking into virtual registry with Process Monitor

Pg 262

  • Virtualized "stand alone" applications.

Pg 263

  • To enable virtual app to work with the local file system, add ALLOW_LOCAL_INTERACTION tag to the .osd file for the application.

Pg 265

  • Cache size settings
    • Use max cache size
    • Use ... threshold (I went with this approach)

Pg 266

  • [ ] Require user authorization
  • Automatically Load Application
    • When to Auto Load:
      • [X] On Launch
      • [X] On Login
      • [X] On Publishing Refresh
    • What applications to Auto Load:
      • [ ] Do not automatically load applications
      • [ ] Automatically load previously used applications
      • [X] Automatically load all applications

The Auto Load functions define if and how background streaming will take place. Background streaming streams 100 percent of the application in the background after the minimum launch threshold has streamed, even if the user never uses those functions. Auto loading is ideal for mobile devices such as laptops.

Pg 283 ...

As part of the sequencing process:

  • Document the installation steps and any pre/post modifications.
  • Add Dummy ODBC drivers for any apps that will need them.
  • Add a Dummy LaserJet 4 printer on a LPT port.
  • Leave UAC ON if deploying to systems that have UAC enabled (I don't plan on using UAC in our environment).

Pg 287

  • If a dependency ("Middleware", such as .NET 2.0) is going to be on the base system, install it before sequencing the application that depends on it. This will reduce the sequence size.

Pg 288

  • Great example of good package comments.
  • When building my own, it would probably be a good idea to link to the recipe on internal wiki.
Sequenced by: First Last
OS: Windows XP SP3
Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0

Pg 289

  • Reboot attempts/prompts by software are intercepted during sequencing.
  • If an application prompts you to reboot during/after installation, do so. The reboot will be intercepted.

Pg 291

  • To get the most functional minimum launch threshold, run the app as the user would.

Pg 293

  • MSI create option generates a virtualized application packaged in a MSI file.

Pg 296

  • Use 8.3 naming convention for package root directories.
    • This has been said to change with Service Pack 1 for the 4.6 client.

Pg 305

  • Configuring the App-V client for stand-alone operation.