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My Devices

My first Android device was a Barnes and Noble Nook HD+ that I got as an early Christmas gift. I have fond memories of this device as I finished reading The Wheel of Time series with it and its allowed me to read my book collection on the go. Unfortunately the downside of going with a Nook HD+ is B&N's heavy customizations stopped casual users from installing apps that were outside of their shop.

With the recent 2.1 update the Google Play store is available, but sideloading of apps is still blocked. Thankfully, you can work around this by using the Android Debug Bridge (adb) from the Android SDK to pull, push and install content to the device. This has allowed me to install games from the Humble Bundle Android Bundle(s), apps from the Amazon AppStore and items from other locations.

Below are my scratch notes for how I've done this. I plan to go back and flesh this page out later, but for now, this page is a handy reminder of what commands to run since I haven't done this enough to store it in LTM yet.

Connect to Nook HD+ with adb

  1. Run adb devices
  2. Set Nook HD+ to debug mode
  3. Connect Nook HD+
  4. Run adb devices again
  5. If you haven't previously connected it in non-debug mode, you should see the device's serial number now

Install Amazon AppStore App on Nook HD+

  1. Open the Amazon AppStore
  2. Choose to download an app registered to your account
  3. It will successfully download, but fail during installation (this is OK)
  4. Follow procedures in Connect to Nook HD+ with adb
  5. adb pull /sdcard/Android/data/
  6. adb install FILE.apk


  • Split this page into subsections
  • List all devices
  • List/link to Android SDK install directions
  • List apps linked to my accounts (handy reference?)
  • Something else I'm forgetting ...