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The following content is a Work In Progress and may contain broken links, incomplete directions or other errors. Once the initial work is complete this notice will be removed. Please contact me via Twitter with any questions and I'll try to help you out.



Various resources in no particular order (I'll eventually organize them)


I haven't watched all of these, so I'm not necessarily endorsing any of them

  • - Misc videos ranging from C++ to Neural Networks
  • thenewboston - website dedicated to providing free, quality tutorial videos on a broad range of subjects
  • Programming Video Tutorials (PVT) - Covers many popular programming languages through both text and video tutorials.

Tutorials/Free Books



  1. I couldn't recommend their reference section enough
  2. It's always interesting to hear opposing points of view
  3. From the table of contents in Enough Rope to Shoot Yourself in the Foot
  4. That's the name of the site, Bjarne Stroustrup is the original creator of C++ - Good FAQs listed here.
  5. Blogs which link to programming resources (College lectures, books). Looks very good.
  6. Looks to be *very* useful.

OS Neutral

CSV files

INI files

Windows specific

I've logged Windows-specific notes here



Misc books I'm working through while learning C++


I really haven't found a good way to list/catalog them yet, so I'm still experimenting with where to place them


You Can Do It!: A Beginners Introduction to Computer Programming

You Can Program in C++: A Programmer's Introduction