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This wiki is to catalog all of the links, misc saved tidbits of info and my personal notes on topics I'm interested in. I hope it's useful to others, but the main reason I'm putting it here is to keep it in one location for ease of perusal. With that said, I do believe strongly in sharing what you've learned with others. Hope it's useful to you.

Other resources are:

Note: All of the text below (and probably a good bit of the text on the rest of the wiki) has been copied/pasted from another wiki that I'm migrating away from. I am slowly correcting it as I find time.

Tech Topics


Operating Systems


GNU Linux/CronGNU Linux/Detect new disk without rebootingGNU Linux/FREESCO
GNU Linux/FREESCO/GuidesGNU Linux/FREESCO/Guides/Bootable CDGNU Linux/FREESCO/Guides/Privoxy
GNU Linux/FilesystemsGNU Linux/Filesystems/Convert Ext3 to Ext4GNU Linux/LVM
GNU Linux/PermissionsGNU Linux/Permissions/POSIX ACLsGNU Linux/RHEL
GNU Linux/SSHGNU Linux/Software RAIDGNU Linux/Tips
GNU Linux/Ubuntu



C++/BooksC++/Books/You Can Do It!: A Beginners Introduction to Computer ProgrammingC++/Const
C++/PointersC++/ReferencesC++/Windows Specific



All eBook related content


Featured Pages

PC Games

Games I play or have played long enough to collect useful information about.

All PC Game related content

PC/CollectionPC/Neverwinter Nights

Featured Pages


I'm no cook, but I collect a few recipes here and there that I've really enjoyed

All Recipes

Recipes/BreadsRecipes/Chip DipsRecipes/Cookies

Featured Pages