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Easily my biggest addiction to date, and one of the biggest reasons I got into the Tech field. While I play console games here and there (mostly those of my friends and family) I have completely embraced PC gaming.

Whether it's firing up DOSbox to play Blood or Warcraft II during the holidays, or even another hour of Oblivion, it's not hard for me to to describe exactly what it is that is so engaging: For me, it's much like watching stories come alive.

While I've played console games in the past and truly loved some of the titles, I am not a huge fan of consoles. I've found that while PCs and consoles often each nudge ahead in the competition for technical superiority, I feel the user generated content of PC games is a very compelling reason to skip consoles.

That and my main reason is that I enjoy loading up games years down the road when my console would likely have died under the same amount of use.

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