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From The Microsoft Application Virtualization Blog:

Microsoft App-V is a key component of The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance which is an add-on subscription license available to Software Assurance customers. Microsoft App-V enables you to deploy software applications that are never installed to minimize regression testing, yet follow users anywhere on demand. It turns Windows applications into centrally managed virtual services that are delivered to any desktop or laptop client worldwide. It can also be integrated and managed within Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

My Notes

  • Loading all available App-V applications entirely into cache: sfttray.exe /loadall

Book Notes

Notes taken while reading. Without the book, many entries here will probably be incomplete on their own.

Online Resources

  1. How to configure Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP to cache the domain name, the user name, and the password that is used to authenticate a user on a Microsoft SoftGrid Client computer
  2. a collection of misc FAQs, guides and information relating to App-V.
  3. explains the SoftGrid Launch Process and how upgrades are handled